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Hello! I’m Ana; an adventurer and nature lover, with a nomad and very curious spirit. The world has been the best school and playground for me to explore, learn and grow.


"Espíritu Nómada" (Nomad Spirit) is the inner strength that was moved me to explore the world. It is also a spiritual search full of curiosity. It is the constant instinct to travel, to visit new places and to get to know myself through every experience and encounter. 


Every step of the way, every adventure and every person I’ve met, have taught me something and have inspired me to write these stories. The idea to create this blog comes from an urge to share my experiences and reflections, and to portray my perspective of the world and the moments that have shaped me, through my photography and my writing. 


This blog is a combination of my stories around the world and some introspection moments. There will be stories of adventures, challenges, reflections and anecdotes, combined with some inner realizations and aha moments form my personal inner process. 


Welcome to the journey.

Instagram @anaphilibert

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